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On-Field Robotics: Redefining Possibilities

We are here to Break the Barriers!

Internal Pipe Coating Robot with Visual Feedback at site


Transforming industries, ensuring unrivaled efficiency and safety

To revolutionize industries through cutting-edge in-house and field robotics, driving unparalleled efficiency, safety, and sustainability. We envision a future where our robotic solutions become synonymous with innovation, transforming how businesses operate and setting new benchmarks for excellence in every field we touch. Through our unwavering commitment to advancement in both in-house and field robotics, we strive to empower industries and pave the way for a more efficient and connected world.. We are here to break the barriers!


Internal Pipe Coating Robot


Binary Robotics offers proprietary robotic internal field joint coatings and pipeline field joint coating services for internal and external field joints  and full length pipes in the oil, gas, mining, water and wastewater industries.

We are committed to field joint coating innovation and continue to work on developing new, more effective methods of coating pipe internally and externally in more productive manner.


Bend pipes are difficult to paint internally with manual setup. This is where AIBPCS comes with great help. AIBPCS is flawlessly designed after 3 years of research and development to provide uniform, strong and defect free coatings.

Internal Bend Pipe Coating Robot
Pipe Inspection Robot


Introducing Automatic Pipe Inspection System (APVIS) by Binary Robotics. The innovative robot is designed to inspect pipe from right from 6 inches and above. APVIS can perform visual inspection, thickness measurement and holiday test on pipes. APVIS has a travel range upto 100 meters in wired mode.


From internal pipe precision to external pipeline reliability and vertical wall innovation, our robotic crawler solutions redefine comprehensive surface preparation, coating, inspections and maintenance.

Internal Pipe coating system Developed by Binary Robotics for coating internals of pipelines such as Refinery pipeline etc

External Pipe Crawler

Our advanced External Pipe Crawlers redefine surface preparation, coating, inspection, and maintenance. With cutting-edge technology, we ensure precision, data-driven insights, and unparalleled safety, driving the future of pipeline integrity. Join us in embracing a new era of efficiency and durability for your external pipelines.

Internal Pipeline Coating and inspection system developed by Binary Robotics

Internal Pipe Crawler

Designed for precision, these advanced robots navigate within pipelines to deliver comprehensive inspections, ensuring the integrity of your infrastructure. From identifying anomalies to collecting crucial data, our crawlers offer real-time insights, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. Embrace a new era of pipeline surface preparation, coating, inspection, maintenance and innovation with our Internal Pipe Crawlers.

Light Duty Mobile Robot

Wall climbing

These cutting-edge marvels redefine maintenance and inspection by effortlessly navigating vertical surfaces. Whether it's intricate structures or challenging terrains, our robots excel, delivering efficiency, safety, and transformative innovation. Join us in embracing a new dimension of maintenance with our Wall Climbing Robots.

Industrial Robot for coating


A different approach, using a simple method for solving complex problems.

Every industry is unique hence we customize our robots to match your unique requirement.



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